Thursday, June 3, 2010


One of the problems of Audio drama being so very intimate is the use of intimate relations. Sex in audio drama is a problem to be portrayed tastefully. Eroticism in film utilizes very little noise from those embraced in coitus. Instead cut shots and romantic and "sexy" music are provided giving a more artistic representation of lovemaking.
The reason is often the unwritten code. Imagery and careful visuals are erotic. Sounds of two or more people making "the beast with two backs" is pornographic.
Kissing in audio drama is an art to sound realistic without sounding vulgar or cartoonish. Lovemaking is even more so.
For these reasons, it's best to try to keep the imagination to the adults. Employ techniques such as fading out of a lovemaking scene before it gets too robust. Use music in your fades to help paint the picture. Cut to the "after glow" of the moment and let your actors express their post-coital ease with each other.
Unless your purpose is pornography or comedy (some would consider that the same thing), think twice about how much you expose.